3 out of 4 child car seats are incorrectly fitted

Safe-used-carsAccording to the Road Safety Authority, three out of four child car seats are incorrectly fitted in cars and an incorrectly fitted child car seat could lead to serious injury or death in the event of a collision.
3 out of 4 child car seats are incorrectly fitted

Protecting your children is something you do on a daily basis without batting an eyelid so how come we let this slide when it comes to vehicle safety? That’s the question posed by MyVehicle.ie.

If you are a parent or parent to be and you’re buying a used car, make sure that you view its safety features first. A vehicle’s hidden history could negatively impact its safety performance, placing your child in harm’s way.

With 4 in 10 written-off Irish vehicles back on the road it is extremely important that you thoroughly research the background of a vehicle before purchasing it. Although some vehicles are repaired and cleared to return to Irish roads, not all are fully restored to the best standard or by professionals.

Once the background of a vehicle has checked out here are some safety features to look out for when viewing a car

  • Option to switch off passenger airbags in case you decide to place a rear facing car seat in the passenger seat.
  • Option to lock and unlock the back windows and activate child locks on the back doors.
  • Adjustable seats belt and headrests available to alter for children as they grow.

If you’re not sure where to begin your search for a used car take a look at the safest Child protection vehicles over the past 7 years.

The vehicles listed have been regarded by Euro NCAP as the safest family vehicles.  The child protection rating is based on 3 aspects; the vehicle’s ability to accommodate child restraints of various sizes and designs; and the availability of provisions for safe transport of children in the car.
More Safe Family Cars

Justin Kavangh, the MD, of myvehicle.ie, comments on the importance of including a safety rating on the vehicle. “Safe driving is essential to improve our road safety in Ireland; however, the vehicles themselves must also be in safe operating condition. Purchasing a second-hand car can be an overwhelming experience. The Euro NCAP rating, which is included in MyVehicle.ie reports, can provide families with the reassurance and peace of mind that they are placing their children in an eligible vehicle.”

Here are some tips from myvehicle.ie, to secure your child in a vehicle.

  • Infants should always be in a rear facing car seat. This provides support to their head and neck in case of a sudden stop or collision. If you are a little panicked about not being able to view them insert a small child’s toy mirror to the back seat facing the car seat. you can view their reflection through your rear view mirror.
  • Many jurisdictions recommend that an infant is ready for a forward facing car seat from nine months – 4 years of age. Try to buy one with a double harness because a) its twice the protection and b) children are like sponges they watch and view you open it soon enough they may give it a go themselves.
  • Booster seats are recommended for children weighing between 15-25 kg, however many front facing car seats can hold children weighing up to 20kg. The longer that you can keep them in that forward facing seat the safer. When strapping a child in make sure that the shoulder strap rests over your child’s shoulder and never on their neck or under their arm. These placements can cause injuries in case of a sudden stop. If the booster seat is positioned in the centre with a lap belt, it should be positioned as low as possible and over their hips. Keep in mind that the middle seat is said to be the safest seat for a passenger as its furthest from the sides in case of a collision
  • It is safe and legal for a child of any age to be a front seat passenger, provided that they are using the correct restraints for their height and weight. Although many jurisdictions do recommend that a child does not sit in the front seat until they are at least 12+ yrs. of age. Airbags are deployed as fast as 200 mph and with great force, designed for protection but that amount of force could also damage a child’s small body.

If you are a little uneasy or unsure if you have placed the seat in correctly and securely follow the link below to avail of the free check it fits service and find out when it is on in a town near you.
Check It Fits

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