‘Audi Live’ aims to bring new A5 into homes

‘Audi Live’ will be made available as part of the launch campaign for the all-new Audi A5. Originally launched alongside the new Q2 in 2016, Audi Live is an innovative online customer experience platform that aims to bridge the gap between a digital, online experience and an offline, retail experience by bringing the latest Audi models to customers through live video interaction.

This innovative technology allows customers to interact with a so-called ‘Audi Guru’ in real-time. Customers can ask questions and explore the Audi A5 from the comfort of their own home, via a phone, tablet or computer. Available outside typical business hours: 7pm-9pm Sunday to Thursday, Audi Live is a convenient way for customers to discover more about the anticipated Audi A5, at their comfort and convenience.

Audi Live, featuring the all-new Audi A5, is running on Audi.ie Monday to Thursday, 7-9pm since last Monday (January 16th.) to the 2nd. of February, 2017.


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