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Toyota announces Discover Hybrid event & great offers for 172

Toyota Ireland is delighted to announce that June is Discover Hybrid month, in conjunction with its great range of consumer offers for 172. This year Toyota has experienced a 100% increase in hybrid sales and hybrid now accounts for 28%

New Fiat 500L launched

The Fiat 500L has dominated it’s segment across Europe for five years. The new 500 is the roomiest version of this car yet. It is even more full of technology and has even more character and personality. These characteristics combine

Mustang most popular sports car in the world

Ford Mustang has been the best-selling sports car in the U.S. during the past 50 years. Now thanks to growing popularity in Europe and elsewhere, the iconic pony car is the most popular sports car in the world, according to

Ford highlights rise in alternative investments

Stocks and shares are just so over. These days, savvy savers are going alternative. So-called “passion” investments, such as fine wine, art and vintage watches, are where it’s at if you want a faster return on your cash. You can