How are electric vehicles doing in the Irish market?

Vehicle History and data expert has announced the results of an analysis on electric vehicle sales in the Irish market year-to-date. looked at the numbers of EVs sold by manufacturer in the year to date and the results show Hyundai is top, with Kia in second position and Volkswagen (the leader in the equivalent analysis last year) now in third. Tesla has sold 800 vehicles during the period under review, leaving it in fifth overall.

The top selling EV model so far is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and it has been helped by good availability. It is going to get an upgraded battery and upgrade soon and that may close the price advantage it currently holds.

The next best selling cars so far this year are the Nissan Leaf and VW ID 4, followed by the Tesla Model 3 in 4th, and Kia’s Niro in fifth place.

Recent entrants such as the stunning Kia EV6 (pictured), winner of both the Irish and European Car of the Year, have raised the popularity and switch to EVs.

EVs Change of ownership also reports that compared with their petrol and diesel counterparts, owners of EVs tend to hold onto their vehicle longer. Cartell looked at all private cars in the fleet, all fuel types, to consider ownership changes. The company found that 75 per cent of EVs registered are still on their first owner – this contrasts with a figure of 29 per cent for the private fleet as a whole.

Overall numbers of EVs
Finally, looked at the overall number of EVs sold in Ireland between January and March each year for the last four years. This year, 7,078 EVs were sold in the period under consideration: more than treble the equivalent figure for last year over the same period.

In 2019, the figure was only 923; in 2020, it rose to 1,400, and last year it was 2,285.

John Byrne, of told us: “EV sales are definitely taking off: we have seen a trebling of new EV car sales so far in 2022 over last year’s numbers. In terms of models the Ioniq 5 is proving the most popular with consumers so far this year. Hyundai lead the way with Kia close behind.

“Volkswagen, which was on top when we ran the equivalent analysis last year, are still close to the summit with over 1,000 EV sales in 2022. Tesla has sold 800 EVs in the period under consideration with the Model 3 proving their most popular model constituting 592 of those new car sales. Supply-side issues may be having an impact in the ordering of the manufacturers too.”

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