Insurance costs still a key concern for Irish motorists

A new motoring survey has found that one in two car owners in Ireland upgrade their car every five years.

The bi-annual Carzone index, which it says examines trends in the Irish motoring market, highlights the continued rise in used car sales in Ireland as people upgrade their car more regularly. When changing their car, 47 per cent tend to stick with the same marque indicating that brand loyalty remains high among Irish drivers.

It says that their report is compiled by analysing data from the 67 million searches carried out on Carzone in the first five months of 2017, as well as an in-depth survey of 2,647 Irish motorists and a cross section of car retailers in Ireland.

It says that insurance was named as the main financial concern for motorists once again with a resounding 88 per cent saying they noticed a rise in their insurance premium in the last year.

Fuel was the second biggest concern followed by road tax and costs associated with the NCT.

On average half (51%) spend between €120 and €150 running their car each month while 13 per cent say it can cost anywhere from €151 to €200 per month.

No surprise in the report finding that city dwellers are more likely to drive a petrol car than their rural counterparts. Just half (51%) of those based in an urban area have a diesel car, compared to 81 per cent of those who live rurally. Women are also more likely to drive a petrol car than men (48% vs. 17%).

In line with changing trends in motoring, the survey questioned respondents on their attitudes to car technology. Over two thirds (69%) say that a car’s technology plays an important role in their purchasing decision. However, it seems it has a bigger influence over men than women. Over 3 in 4 men polled say that car tech is very important when buying a car compared to just under half of women (43%). Its importance also carries more weight with the 25-34 age group with 91% citing it as a very important factor.

Two thirds (65%) believe that in-car technology has made them a better driver and 70 per cent say it makes driving more enjoyable. When it comes to must-have tech, 47 per cent say they can’t live without their trusty GPS and a quarter can’t do without a Bluetooth handsfree kit.
However, overall the outlook for the industry is positive with consumers now changing their car more frequently and premium car marques are some of the most sought after vehicles by drivers.

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