Mercedes-Benz offering many new model for 202

Mercedes-Benz promises to be an extremely active competitor for 202-registrations with hybrids and a number of other highly significant new model arrivals planned across a number of key segments in its vastly expanded model range.

Two compact class SUVs – the GLA and GLB – both of which arrived in recent weeks are likely to be strong contenders at the entry level.

The newly updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a big new model arrival from Mercedes-Benz.

The GLA comes with added interior spaciousness and boot volume amongst its key features. Notwithstanding its increased levels of specification and technical innovations, the new GLA will receive only a very moderate increase on the outgoing model whose prices started at €38,800.

Their second compact SUV – the attractively styled GLB – has amongst its features the option of a 7-seat version, the first Mercedes-Benz in its class to offer such a choice. Pitched at families, the GLB can be purchased with a third fully retractable row of seats concealed beneath the luggage floor that can be raised to expand capacity to a 7-seat layout as required. Prices start at €42,350.

Other future SUV arrivals will include a new GLE Coupé and GLS.

E-Class and S-Class
Other new arrivals will include two of the most important models in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio – a new updated E-Class, scheduled to arrive in July, and a new top-of-the-range S-Class, billed to make its appearance towards year-end.

As highlighted previously, a major focus over the coming six months and beyond will be the emergence of hybrids as a main plank in the Mercedes model story. Describing their 2020/21 line-up as ‘the most inclusive and ecologically attuned’ range of models ever introduced by Mercedes-Benz, Ciaran Allen, their sales manager for passenger cars in Ireland, said: “coming is a range perfectly configured for those socially concerned owners who seek to future-proof their motoring requirements”.

The first hybrids to arrive here will be the E300de and the E300e saloon and estate models – both likely to be mainstays of the new updated E-Class model offering.

In addition to these new models, buyers can expect to see hybrids occupy an increasingly significant place in Mercedes-Benz planning going forward. In this respect, their recently-established Mercedes EQ division is expected to introduce an impressive 16-strong line-up of hybrid vehicles – their new generation compact cars, the C-Class, GLC and GLE ranges amongst those predicted.

Describing them as ‘vehicles that deliver the best of all worlds’ Allen said: “through their concentration on hybrids, Mercedes-Benz is poised to capture the growing world-wide demand for this technology amongst eco-conscious motorists”.

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