New Audi TT and TTS roadsters on the way

Audi is showing the new TT Roadster and the TTS Roadster at the Paris Motor Show this week. The compact two-seater sets new standards in design, drive, and suspension. A particular highlight in the third TT generation is the Audi virtual cockpit.

For the first time, the digital instrument cluster provides all information within the driver’s field of vision. This has already led to the Audi TT’s new display and control system receiving multiple awards.


Audi says that the new TT Roadster combines the dynamic ride of a sports car with the driving experience of an open-top two-seater. The basis for this consists of struts in the underbody and body that considerably improve both the torsional rigidity and the ride comfort. The new TT Roadster is sporty, compact and low-slung stance on the road. The front of the open-top sports car conveys power and energy through its accentuated horizontal lines. Similar to the Audi R8, the Single-frame grille is wide and flat – the four rings are positioned on the hood in the style of a high-performance sports car.

As with all Audi Cabriolet models, the new TT Roadster and the TTS Roadster also feature an electrically actuated fabric top. This is available as standard in black, titanium grey and jive, and fits perfectly into the design line. With parts made from magnesium, aluminium, steel and plastic, the soft top weighs just 39 kilograms and is 3 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Audi says that this has a positive impact on the gross vehicle weight and the centre of gravity of the open-top two seater.

The electric drive with the two electric motors performs opening and closing in 10 seconds, even when driving at speeds of up to around 50 km/h. As a result of the elaborate clamping technology, the closed top is completely taut even at high speeds – it features a homogeneous look that conceals the cross bows.

The body of the TT Roadster and the TTS Roadster represents a new evolution of the Audi Space Frame (ASF) based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB). Ultra-high-strength components made from hot-shaped steel reinforce the front section and the passenger compartment floor. The passenger compartment and all outer skin and attachment parts are made of the classic semi-finished aluminium products cast node, extruded profile and sheet metal.New-Audi-TTS-Roadster

The new TT Roadster is being launched with two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, a TDI and a TFSI. A powerful TFSI ensures efficient drive in the TTS Roadster. With power outputs between 184 hp and 310 hp, they clearly surpass the respective predecessor engines in terms of power, while significantly undercutting them with regard to consumption.
The quattro permanent all-wheel drive has been fully redeveloped; it is optionally available in combination with the 2.0 TFSI engine in the TT Roadster and is fitted as standard on the TTS Roadster.

The two-seat interior of the new TT Roadster and the new TTS Roadster fits around the driver like a custom-made suit. It has an intimate and protective feel, particularly when the fabric top is closed, without ever being restrictive. The curb clearance is high and the newly developed sport seats with integrated head restraints are mounted low. Together, they weigh five kilograms less than the seats in the predecessor. The S sport seats are optionally available (standard in the TTS Roadster) and feature particularly powerful, pneumatically adjustable bolsters.

The new Audi TT offers a far more distinct and varied range of colours than its predecessor. There are 11 exterior colours, one of which is exclusively for the S line. Seven of the colours in the palette are new for the TT, and two of these are completely new for Audi: Nano gray and Tango red. Panther black, crystal effect and the expressive Sepang blue are also available for the TTS.

There is also a new palette of colours for the interior. There are three interior colours to choose from for both the TT and the TTS. Besides black, these are rock grey and palomino brown. For the first time, customers can choose a second colour – rotor grey – in combination with the S line package, naturally also with sporty contrasting stitching. TTS buyers can also choose the sporty leather shade express red.

The Irish equipment and pricing for the new TT Roadster and TTS Roadster will be announced shortly with first customer deliveries in the first quarter of next year.

Meanwhile, Audi Ireland today announced the sale of more than 4,000 registered vehicles for the year-to-date. This is the first time Audi has achieved this milestone since 2008. Audi remains Ireland’s number one premium car marque with 33.5% of the premium car market year-to-date.

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