Pirelli out-shods rivals at Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show has underlined its status as the most important shop window for car manufacturers, which have once again chosen Pirelli to highlight their latest models. This is the overwhelming conclusion from looking at all the top cars featured during the first day of the 87th Geneva Motor Show.

The new McLaren 720S – One of many new models at the Geneva Show shod by Pirelli

More than 63 per cent of the prestige cars on display at the Swiss show – from McLaren to Pagani to Porsche wear Pirelli tyres, many of which form part of the coloured edition, launched by Pirelli in Geneva. This statistic is particularly significant, considering that the closest competitor has a 24 per cent share.

Pirelli’s own share has increased by 28 per cent compared to last year, consolidating the Italian firm’s leadership of the prestige segment. Pirelli’s presence in the premium segment is also significant, with more than 35 per cent of all fitments.

As a result, Pirelli reinforces its presence in Geneva, confirming the Italian tyres as the preferred choice for the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers.

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