Puretech Petrol range drives sales for Citroën

Since the introduction of the International Engine of the Year, the super efficient Puretech Petrol range from Citroën, the demand for petrol has witnessed a steady rise across the passenger car sales. The percentage sales of Citroën passenger vehicles in petrol engine versions have doubled since 2014 now accounting for over 18% of total passenger sales for the Brand. Citroën’s award winning PureTech engine was developed using a three-cylinder architecture and a range of technologies to meet demanding technical specifications and ensure outstanding at the wheel pleasure.

Historically petrol sales have dominated in Ireland with over 80% of new car customers opting for a petrol engine during the early 2000’s however with the tax change in 2008 diesel engines have grown in popularity in recent years as it was seen to offer customers a more fuel efficient engine as well as lower CO2 emissions. With the Turbo PureTech engine, Citroën are confident that sales of the petrol engines will continue to increase as the engine offers customers a viable alternative to diesel as well as exceptional value.

While PSA Peugeot Citroën is well renowned for diesel engine technology the Group is now also leading the development of efficient Petrol Engines with the award winning range of PureTech Petrol Engines winning the International Engine of the Year Award earlier this month for the second year running.

The PureTech engine is designed with a high specific performance level to increase yield while reducing capacity. The 1.2L will reduce CO2 emissions by 18% while providing true driving pleasure thanks to generous torque at the lowest egnine speeds. Using a new-generation, high-yield turbo (240,000rpm), the EB Turbo PureTech unit strikes an ideal compromise between low-speed torque and power, with 95% of torque available from 1,500 rpm through to 3,500 rpm.

The combustion system is honed to fully capitalise on the engine’s technologies, including the adoption of centrally positioned, high pressure 200 bar direct injection. The position of the injector, the shape of the spray (thanks to laser technology), the management of injection pulses (up to three injections per combustion) and the injection pressure (up to 200 bar) ensure optimal spraying in the combustion chamber, the result being the best combustion possible. Fuel consumption and pollutant gas emission are cut drastically by optimising the internal aerodynamics of the combustion chamber and using a variable intake and exhaust timing system.

The engine architecture and technologies feature the tried and tested choices used on the normally aspirated EB model that set a new standard in the segment. One of the key objectives was to limit mechanical losses through friction, which account for roughly 20% of the power consumed. This objective was met by adjusting the size of the crankshaft, offsetting the cylinders and using a lubricated timing belt.

A diamond like carbon (DLC) coating was used on the piston pins, rings and push rods to reduce friction. The oil pump is controlled electronically to provide the optimal amount of lubrication. The result is that friction is a full 30% lower than on the top competing engine. The EB PureTech engine is now the standard setting engine in the segment.

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