Remember to put your clocks forward this Sunday morning

Remember that your clocks should be put forward manually on Sunday morning (26 March), at 1am, when daylight saving or summer time begins.
Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops should change the time automatically. So if your smartphone is your alarm, you shouldn’t need to worry about it.
Sunrise and sunset will be about one hour later on Sunday than the day before, and we can look forward to brighter evenings.
Good time to spring clean your premises and review security
The longer hours of daylight are always a good time to spring clean our work premises and generally have a good tidy up. It’s possibly a good time to do those things that you have been putting off – the paint job or giving a facelift to your reception area etc.
And, it is always a great time to review security at your premises. Are you satisfied that all possible entry points are fully secure? If you don’t already have an alarm, cameras, or other security devices, is it time to add them. It is a fact that the most unsecured premises are always going to be targeted most.
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