Sligo car dealer is Ireland’s first to spin wheels online

Kevin Egan Cars has become the first Irish dealership to spin its wheels online with the help of the showroom’s very own 360 degree photography studio.

The innovative dealership has invested in new technology – including a car-sized carousel, cutting-edge workflow software and state-of-the-art photographic equipment – to allow potential customers to closely inspect car stock from the comfort of their sofas.

Kevin Egan Cars joins large-scale online retailers – including Selfridges, Vente Privee and Schuh – by investing in the new Spin Me technology, which is supplied in Ireland by 360 Crew.

Kevin said it was an obvious move for his ever-growing dealership.

“There’s one car dealership that I know of in Holland but we’re certainly the first in Ireland to invest in an in-house studio to create 360 degree images to show off our stock online.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to bring our stock to market and it seemed a natural progression for us to employ Spin Me technology from 360 Crew to drive our business forward.

“We have invested heavily in our online presence and I’m a firm believer that consistent, high quality product photography is essential in engaging today’s consumers. The tech is highly efficient piece of kit and we find it surprisingly easy to use,” he adds.

The software and hardware package from 360 Crew facilitates photography of any type of product with consistent high image quality and super-fast workflow.

Adopting the technology is the latest move by Kevin Egan Cars to stay one step ahead in the Irish car sales industry.

“We were the first used car dealership in Ireland to use You Tube to advertise our cars. It’s common now for used car dealers to post videos online but back in 2010 it made a big change to our business. I used to sit with the kids on a Sunday morning and upload videos – on Facebook I would upload what was ‘in-stock this week’ or what was ‘sold this week’, and they always got a tremendous response.

“Thanks to 360 Crew and the ‘Spin Me’ software, we are now leading the way again in technology for car sales. The use of state-of-the-art spin photography software is already having a positive response and we’re expecting it to make a huge impact on our sales in 2017 and beyond.

“The 360 degree images allow people to see all of the car without having to get off their seats. Potential buyers get the whole picture in 360 degree images which really do the vehicles justice online,” Kevin adds.

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