Tesla to stop selling right-hand drive Model S and X in Ireland

Tesla will no longer sell the right-hand drive version of the Model S and Model X in Ireland or the UK “for the foreseeable future”.

A spokesperson for the American EV maker told Motorshow.ie that customers that had ordered either model have today been offered a €2,000 credit (£2,000 in the UK) on a Model 3 or Model Y instead.

Alternatively, reservation and order holders can buy a left-hand drive Model S or Model X from Tesla’s current inventory, or “just cancel” their order for a full refund.

The Tesla Model S

There were reports this morning that Tesla would stop selling right-hand drive Model 3 and Model Y cars here, but the spokesperson for the automaker confirmed to us that this will “definitely not be the case”.

He added that orders for the 2023 Model S and Model X will be delivered as left-hand drive, within the next two months.

Reports also indicate that other right-hand drive markets, such as Australia and New Zealand, have also been impacted by this news.

Tesla sold 675 units here in Ireland last year, according to SIMI figures, selling 175 units of the Model X but zero for the Model S. The latter was last registered here back in 2019, with 25 units sold.

The Model 3 and Model Y remain Tesla’s two biggest sellers in Ireland.

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